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Our Services

*All of our services are at no cost!

Teaching math and science, teen volunteers are ready to help with homework, reinforce what kids learned that day, or even help them get ahead!

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Learn basic coding in Java! Using the program processing, kids will make drawings, animations, and even their own video games!


With fun Engineering challenges, kids will explore the world through the lens of science, learning the basic concepts of physics and engineering!



Whether its homework help, learning something new, or going over the lesson from class, we are here to help!

Virtually or in-person, teen volunteers will be matched to tutor kids grades 1 - 8 in math and science once a week! 

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Some activities include...

  • Drawing

  • Bouncing Animations

  • Mini-Games

  • Video Games

Virtually or in-person, teen volunteers will teach kids to use the java language and create games of their own. 

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Click on the projects to interact with them!

Example Drawing

Example Mini-Game

Example Bouncing Animation

Example Video Game

Teen volunteers will teach kids different fundamental topics of science through fun and engaging engineering challenges, using the engineering process real engineers use every day! 




Kids will use household recyclables to create their own contraptions while learning about the laws of nature that cause their creations to work.


Topics and activities examples

  • Learn about why things float by exploring BUOYANCY and use the engineering process to design boats to hold as many pennies as possible!

  • Build and design your own launcher to understand how ENERGY TRANSFERS from one object to another.

  • And many more!

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